How to Eat

Muffin productHow to enjoy your Jumbo Gotta Eat Muffin…..

Step 1:

Go straight for the Muffin Top, but start at the overflowing edges. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a chocolate chip, or two, or three…

Step 2:

Once you’ve finished the edges, abandon the center portion of the muffin top, as that is where you will find pure gold, best left for the last delicious bites.

Step 3:

Work your way up from the bottom, noticing how amazingly moist and delicious even a muffin bottom can be.

Step 4:

Continue your journey to the top, and on your way you will enjoy the muffin middle. Have you noticed the distinct texture yet? It is unique to Gotta Eat muffins, and another sign – this is no ordinary muffin.

Step 5:

At last, you have reached the pinnacle of your muffin journey – the center of the ever so slightly gooey muffin top. Savor the last few bites, knowing that you have made your taste buds very, very happy.

Step 6:

Congratulate yourself on making a super delicious AND healthful choice, as your muffin was full of:
♥Oat Bran
♥Flax Seed
♥Wheat Germ